Any suggestions for good "serial terminal" programs for OS X 10.3?
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I finally picked up a USB-to-serial adapter for my Mac so that I can use the machine as a serial console on my various SPARC boxes and Cisco equipment. After installing the latest drivers (the IOGear stuff is actually made by ATEN), I've now got a /dev/tty.usbserial0 device. Using ZTerm, I can talk to my Cisco router, but ZTerm smells/looks very badly like a ported MacOS 9 product. I can't get Taylor UUCP to compile under Panther (10.3) correctly in order to have tip or cu, like I use on my Sun boxes.

Any suggestions for good "serial terminal" programs for OS X 10.3? I've already checked VersionTracker, Google, and all the regular suspect places.
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Best answer: This page lists a ton of terminal emulators, and mentions the Macintosh.

ibiblio has tons of unixish apps, most notably minicom and Seyon. As far as I know, minicom and Seyon build on anything and everything.

You might also want to consider one of the many Kermits out there. The UI is weird, but as a serial terminal it's beyond merely mature.

Sourceforge seems to have tons and tons of terminal emulators to choose from. Surely one of them will build on your flavor.
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Response by poster: Looks like MacWise will do what I want - I knew of it, but wasnt aware that it would handle direct-to-serial. Thanks!
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