Decent file hosting for a developer
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Aussie developer friends are looking for affordable (or freeish) hosting. They're burning through 60+ gigs a month. Ideas? Suggestions?

My (current) favorite developer is burning through 60 gigs a month hosting (at which point they can't serve files any more.

The app, is a GTD app called Thinking Rock, and is available for OSX, Unix and XP. They're thinking of hosting the Mac app via

Any ideas?

Oh, it it matters, they're in Australia.
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I'll be the first Dreamhost shill! But I won't even provide my referrer code. They can get 2TB/month for $9.95, and cheaper still if they prepay. Details here.
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Are they just hosting files, or do they need to run web applications? If they're just hosting files, S3 is incredibly cheap at 20 cents per gigabyte of transfer, and you get Amazon's rock-solid infrastructure for free. That's 12 dollars a month for your friends.

I host my websites at #unixshell. You get root on a virtual server, so you can install anything and everything you want and run the most obscure web apps. The cheapest plans gives you 128 GB for just $20 a month.
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Sorry, I meant to link to #unixshell too. Here you go.
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20 cents per gig is cheap? In what alternate universe? These days for around $50 a month you can get a dedicated server with 2000 GB transfer per month. That's 2.5 cents per GB, and you get the whole server to run as you please, not sharing with anyone.

And avoid dreamhost like the plague. Sure they advertise 2TB per month but good luck getting anywhere near to that much usage before they randomly and arbitrarily shut you down for a nebulous "too much CPU usage".
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Oh and to actually answer the question, check out this forum (for shared hosting) or this forum (for dedicated.) Just after a quick glance I spotted 5GB storage, 100GB transfer, $2/month, no setup fee.
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I'll second DreamHost. They've had problems in the past year but everything seems to be fixed and working correctly now. There is a coupon code out there right now that can get you a year's worth of their $9.95/month service for under $20.
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Dreamhost. Perfect? No, but when you're in the market for 'freeish' your choices are limited.

The app, is a GTD app called Thinking Rock, and is available for OSX, Unix and XP.

Pepsi green. Good job.
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