Looking for an in-depth comparison of the Democratic presidential candidates
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Besides this CNN page, does anyone know of a site that has an in-depth, side-by side, easy to navigate comparison of the Democratic presidential candidates? [Is it obvious that I'm one of those still undecided New Hampshire voters?]
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Slate's Political Scorecard.
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Although the Dean Camp has refused to participate (as have some of the other candidates), for absolutely unknown (and imo, thus sinister) reasons, Project Vote-Smart wants to do what you're asking for, in a fairly balanced way.
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Slate's Whack-a-Pol is an easy to navigate and seemingly accurate comparison of the candidates' relative electability, which is the only criterion that really matters. Consistent, thought-through policy platforms have no place in US presidential politics. The media are happy to decide for us who is electable, and save us the trouble of having to go out and vote for any of them.

As if I needed any more confirmation of this fact, the two candidates whose views seem closest to my own don't even make an appearance.
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Cyncism aside, you might find Bob Harris' Kucinich v. Dean, issue by issue useful. The WaPo has quite a nice Flash-based comparator which allows you to do side-by side comparisons with all candidates.

SelectStart has a presidential candidate selector which asks you questions and suggests a candidate who matches your views.
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Response by poster: The deed is done. Thanks all. Select Smart was interesting.
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