Who sings Lonesome Joey Grinder?
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Lonesome Joey Grinder? Help me identify this song.

I heard a song on the radio WRAS Atlanta that had something like "Lonesome Joey Grinder" in the lyrics. I thought the DJ said it was by The Little Giants or Steve Earle. I called and e-mailed the radio station later in the day and they weren't able to tell me the song name. Any idea what it could be?
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WRAS's FAQ suggests you might have some luck checking out their "Rotation" section for the time period you heard the song.
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I don't know but I thought of Slobberbone's Engine Joe -- and I think there's some old blues song called "Joe the Grinder" or "Grinding Joe" or something like that but unless Steve Earle or somebody like him covered it, that's probably not what you heard.
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There's a Merle Haggard song that mentions a Joe the Grinder called Old Man from the Mountain. Don't know who wrote it. Funny, I've listened to that song a million times and never known that he was saying "Joe the Grinder," but this question somehow made me figure it out. Here are the lyrics:

The Old Man From The Mountain's
Comin' home, home, home
Thought I'd better warn you
So I called you on the phone
Get rid of Joe the grinder
You better be there alone
'Cause the Old Man From The Mountain's
Comin' home.

I've been a-workin in the sawmill
I'm all up-tight and tense
And I got word that someone's
Been diggin' under my back fence
Thought I'd better call you
Let you know today
That the Old Man From The Mountain's
On his way.

Been workin' my dang fool head off
All for a dollar bill
Now I need a bunch of good lovin'
So I'm comin' down the hill
Don't want no friendly henry's
Warmin' up my bed
And the Old Man From The Mountain
Means what he said.
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Litte Country Giants sing Jody Grinder, which sounds close.

CD Baby page here.
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