I want to be a temp slave.
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JobFilter: What temp agencies are best for copy editing work in New York?

I'm a freelance journalist with eight years of experience in reporting and editing. I'd like to find some temporary jobs that will keep me in the black while I pursue my dream of writing a book, but I'm having a hard time finding decent, reliable temp agencies that specialize in copy editing, proofreading, copy writing, etc. I'm also interested in book packagers. I know these places exist.

Have any of you done temp work in New York for agencies that specialize in publishing work? And if so, how should I approach them? (Are they like regular temp agencies in that you need to send your resume, then badger them by telephone?) Are there ways in which I should play up my resume/cover letter to show flexibility in the types of work I can do?
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I haven't done any work in New York, nor have I done anything like what you're looking for, but I have had good luck with the creative staffing agencies in general; I think The Creative Group, Creative Circle, and Aquent all place people in the sorts of jobs you're seeking.

Good luck!
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Also: yes, they are like regular temp agencies. Resume, interview, tests to determine aptitude, and regular badgering.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. Have you worked with any of these agencies outside of New York?

Any other suggestions? Bueller?
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I've worked with The Creative Group in SF and it's been great.
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