Cheapest/Best Portable Net plan for Xbox Live?
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Barring signal strength for a location or normal lag issues, what which plan is cheapest for portable Internet (Clearw're, Xanadoo, etc) service that I can laglessly play Xbox Live with?

There's different plans for different speeds -- what speed, other than blindly choosing the highest, would be sufficient? Anyone have any experience with these providers (preferably Xanadoo for non-contract options) who play XBL?
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There's a new gaming-only ISP that's been making the rounds of the blogosphere. It's called GameRail and is free right now because it's in beta, and is PC only FOR NOW, but they hope to support consoles. They are fiber optic and only for games and they hope to do away with lag. They say when they launch that it will be less than $15 a month.

I don't mean to sound like a shill... I just know some people are excited about this. And it'll help people who read this in the future, if not you.
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Speakeasy bills themselves as gaming-friendly, but they don't have wireless. From my experience with wireless ISPs and microwave/Wifi links, the latency will be very, very high, even if the speed is good.
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