Weird Boy in the Bathroom Movie
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Please help me identify a freaky 1970's (maybe 1960's) movie! Plot inside.

Plot in a nutshell: "Weird" teenaged boy who is frequently bullied lives alone with mother. One day while walking home from high school, he accidentally murders a girl who is taunting him. When he tells his mother, she hides him from the police by walling over a small bathroom in the center of their house. Soon after, the mother leaves for several days to get an operation, but DIES. The house is sold, and a new family moves in, unaware of the crazy boy still living in the hidden bathroom, who spends his time painting psycho posters and spying on them through holes in the walls.

As a kid, I saw this TWICE on TV in the late 70's, and it FREAKED ME OUT. I'm not sure if it was a made-for-TV flick or not. I suspect it might have had the word "Weird" in the title, and I think the main character's name was Harold. In fact, I suspect it was called "Weird Harold," but can't find anything about it - and I have searched far and wide many times. Any help would be hugely appreciated - it's been driving me nuts!
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Best answer: "Bad Ronald."

Weird Harold was this Cosby kid.
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Best answer: GaelFC nailed it!

If you're looking for more info, downloads, discussions, and where to buy it, see these links:
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Dude, I loved that freakin' movie! And it weirded me out too!
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I asked this a long time ago. Weird how no one remembers the name of that movie.
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Response by poster: Bless you GaelFC! Bless you, NYScott! Ordering now for for Halloween viewing.

itchie - that's funny. prematurely senile minds think alike, eh? I've added more tags to this thread in the hopes that others might be spared our torment.

This is why me lurve the Metafilter.
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