"No trucks over 6 wheels in left lane."
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Ambiguous signage-filter: "No trucks over 6 wheels in left lane."

On the interstate around here (upstate SC), there are signs that state, "No trucks over 6 wheels in left lane." Obviously, this includes 18 wheelers, but does it include, say, a dually pickup (6 wheels) towing a trailer (2-6 wheels)? What about a car pulling a 4 wheeled trailer?

I guess what I'm asking is: What is considered a "truck" in this context? Is it strictly limited to semis? Does it include pickups and busses? Or does it include any vehicle? Or is it one of those intentionally vague laws that is left up to the discretion of the police officer?
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Talk to whoever patrols that stretch of highway. They'll know, and their interpretation of the sign matters way more than ours.
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South Carolina Highway Law defines "truck" and "trailer" separately, so I would assume the sign only refers to the dually and not the trailer. But you could call your highway patrol to make sure.
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Yeah this probably varies state by state; I know where I"m from you're only allowed to tow in the right lanes. Here's some highway regulations from SC!
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