What would you give someone who just got a banjo?
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Friend just got a banjo and I want to get her a banjo-related gift. Li'l help?

A co-worker, who is leaving the office and the state soon, was just given a banjo as a surprise going away gift. She LOVES it and is learning some chords from a very simple book with accompanying CD, and spending all her time learning. She's a complete beginner. She loves bluegrass and other banjo-including music.

I'd like to get her a gift, and I'd like it to be banjo-related, but I just don't have any bright ideas. Fun accessories? A great book? Something else?
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Response by poster: Oh, and it should be $40 or less. And I'm not going to pay for a lesson, she's arranged all that already.
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Get her some John Hartford CDs. Best damn banjo picker I ever did hear.
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banjo fingerpicks!

(these are about as expensive as they come, though. You can also get them for pennies.
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An I pick, therefore I grin t-shirt.

A Deliverance DVD.

A Felix the Cat t-shirt, or banjo gourds.

Grateful Dead Banjo t-shirt.

Does she have a stand for it?
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got banjo?

"Look out, he's got a banjo!"
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A banjo mute.

This may not sound very fun and a little rude, but it'd be very useul if she's got roommates/family/sensitive neighbors. Banjos are VERY loud for an acoustic instrument and outside a mute, there's little one can do to adjust the volume.
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Also if the banjo doesn't already have them, you may go to a hobby store and buy these tiny little nails to use as a capo for the high string.

See here for what I'm talking about.
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Response by poster: These are great ideas. Maybe I'll get a little goody-bag of fun accessories.
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High quality hand lotion? Oh, and a copy of Deliverance.
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The least heard phrase in the english language?
"That's the banjo player's Porsche."
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cant go wrong with a subscription to the banjo newsletter
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Pete Seeger's "How to play the 5-string banjo" is a great book for beginners.

A set of replacement strings would come in handy as well.
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Unfortunately thay're sold out at the moment, but the first accessory I got for my banjo was a Strobopick.
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A tuner would be a practical gift. I've got an Intellitouch PT-1 which has worked fine for me.
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How about a case? That was the second thing I got after my uke.
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2nd the good case -- nothing sucks like hauling around your banjo in one of those paper-thin generic cases. (any mefite who wants to be my best friend forever can also buy me a case for my banjo!)
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Chaw, and some Steve Martin albums.
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