Where can public relations/communications job postings be found?
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Where can public relations/communications job postings be found?

I live in Canada, but I'm interested in postings worldwide. I am aware of the big 3 job sites (monster, jobshark, workopolis) as well as pub-rels.ca, jeffgaulin.com, charityvillage.com, and Canada JobBank.

I'm looking for job postings in communications, public relations, public affairs, etc. Where else can I look? I find Googling this to be very unfruitful. Thanks!
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Go find PR firm rankings in big trade mags like Adweek and contact the agencies directly.
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note::UK, Australia, and NZ resources would be especially appreciated. Thanks!
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Idealist.com is global, and had a large job section for non-profits. You could set up a search specifying the countries in which you are interested, and the job area in which you are interested to be e-mailed to you each day. I know there are always tons of communications jobs in the US.
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You might find some worthy postings on mediabistro.com.
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For New Zealand Seek is the best job site by far. I got my last couple of jobs via the internet (as did a few others I know, it's becoming pretty common here) and still keep an eye on what's out there, and Seek continually has the most and best quality jobs listed. Many recruitment companies use Seek and it seems to get most of the listings I see in the newspapers too.

Other places to look:
trademe jobs (new and still growing)
search4jobs (tied to the NZ Herald I think, not sure how good it's coverage is)

There are a few others but I've never seen anything there that isn't posted on these larger sites.

Things like Monster don't really register here, it's all about the local websites. Many companies also advertise jobs via their individual websites and recruitment agencies are very active in many business type areas (don't know if this applies to pr and communications though). The newspaper is still a good bet and old fashioned networking too.

None of these are specific to your field, but they're a good place to get an overview of the employment opportunities here. And being so small there may not be the specialised places anyway.
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journalismjobs.com is mostly journalism-focused, but I do see other communications jobs from time to time -- maybe once a week or so?
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Not sure if it covers outside the US, but I found out about Indeed.com on AskMe and have been very pleased with the results.
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PRSA has a job center.
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As does IABC.
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For PR and communications jobs in Australia, you might want to check out MyCareer, which has all the job ads from the Fairfax papers (The Sydney Morning Herald, Age, and Fin Review). CareerOne carries the ads from the News Ltd papers (the Australian and most of the big metro dailies).
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Oh, and in the UK, the Guardian's media section.
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