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My creative coworkers aren't famous, yet deserve some recognition for their efforts on a tough project with an impossible client. Internally, I'm singing their praises and making their successes known to management. Additionally, I'd like to get them a treat. Here's where you come in:

They are both art directors, one at a senior level. They are both men. They work at an office on the other side of the country from ours and I've never met them. All of our conversations have revolved around work and neither seem the type to share much of their personality on the job.

I'd like to spend around $50/each for two different gifts of equal perceived value.

Any ideas?
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I know it sounds trite, but how about a nice Napa Valley, or Sonoma County wine? Without knowing much about them, it's kind of tough coming up with something unique. Can you check out their bios on the company site for some clues?
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While I agree that a nice scotch or wine would be well-received, if you decide to go the alcohol route, try and confirm (somehow) that they do in fact drink.

My boyfriend's father is a non-drinker for religious reasons, and all the nice bottles of wine his clients give him (normally as a holiday gift) just end up sitting around.
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Yeah, but no matter whether they drink or not, anjamu, they'll 1) still appreciate the gesture and 2) at the very least have a nice bottle of alcohol sitting around to regift! (with the added bonus that since cior lives across the country s/he will never find out about the regifting).

The alcohol sounds like a great idea, especially if it's something your area is known for that they couldn't get at home.
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Get them tickets to a basketball or hockey game. Any game for that matter.
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Call each of them and ask what the other one would like.
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folara, I was going to mention that my parents are the happy re-gifting recipients of some of that wine, but I didn't know if it would help cior.

Anyways, I know I'd welcome some wine if it were me. Or, cior, you could find a local bakery in their area and have some baked goods delivered to them.
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anjamu is thoughtful, folara is wrong -- or at least not always right. Some non-drinkers do not appreciate being given alchohol as a gift, particularly if they have an aversion to "re-gifting". I cite me as an example.

If you wish to follow the booze route, do confirm that they drink first.
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I've noticed that pocketwatches are appreciated thank you gifts. They're functional, can be classy and there are places that will personalize them for you with initials, graphics, etc. so you can give them each a watch that's a little different. They're easy to put away or take out as you want to use them and don't take up a whole lot of real estate.

Whatever you do send, you may want to consider a handwritten note on some understated stationary - personal, but respectful of the business relationship that you've established.
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