Home delivery of groceries?
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Does anyone have any experience with home grocery delivery in South Orange County?

I'd like to revive this discussion http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/19711.

I just checked Vons.com. The delivery fee is $9.95. You can save $5 if you order at least $150 worth of groceries. Plus you have to tip the delivery dude.

Please give me any anecdotal evidence that this is much better (or much worse) than going to the grocery store in person.
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Yea, one day I was going to go to the store, but instead I had it delivered. I got to watch more tvand now I'm a more efficient couch potato.
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What is your time worth? How much gas (if any) do you burn running to the grocery store? Is it worth $9.95/$5 + tip?

It is to us. We're not in the OC, but we get home delivery. We plan a simple menu for each week and order. We rarely impulse shop or buy more than we need to.

It's a great way to get groceries.
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It depends on how much you actually like grocery shopping. Myself? I *hate* it. Some people enjoy it. To me, it's totally worth the delivery charge, and I usually save money by not buying things that I don't really need.
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We just used Albertsons.com for the first time for my mother (she lives in Orange). I found it to be pretty convenient, as I did the ordering. I was able to choose about $120 worth of groceries in 20 minutes online from a list she'd given me. It's easy to tell what's on sale.

The first time you order it's free delivery if it's over $100, and they specifically tell you not to tip. They offer two-hour windows for delivery and we got the items the next day.

She absolutely loved it, as getting to the store is getting harder and harder for her. She wants to use it again. The $10 charge is worth it for her.
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