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I'm looking for a slick, web 2.0-esque, well designed wishlist site.

The best I've found so far is MetaWishlist, which I'm not all that impressed with.

My chief concern is design. I want a sexy looking site.

Also, I want a site designed speically for wishlists. Not a work-around like using Ta-Da List or Delicious.

(Oh, and as much of a greasy fan boy I am for Google, the Froogle wishlist is fugly.)
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I dunno about all that web 2.0 mumbo jumbo but is really clean and basic looking, allows for tagging, rss feeds, images with every item.

And this makes the second time this week I've recommended to a Meta asker.
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I suppose it would help if you would provide your definition of "web 2.0-esque".
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Basically, sites that use a little bit of ajax, look nice, and have an active community.

Here are a few examples.
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Am I missing why community and interaction are useful in a wish list? Is it so you can see and be inspired by what other people are interested in and add it to your own list?
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Is it so you can see and be inspired by what other people are interested in and add it to your own list?

Exactly. For example, "other people who want this item also want these five items...". That kinda deal would be cool.
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I don't really know of anything out there that fulfills your requirements of "sexy". There's wists, which I find exceedingly clumsy, awkward, slow, un-sexy - completely Web 1.0. But, functionally speaking, I think it does the job.

You probably already know about it, though.
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Wists was the slowest site I've ever seen.

I use Kaboodle now and I'm loving it.

Before that, it was The Things I Want, which has better auto-detect settings, but it's not fun to browse items on.

Before that, I used Wish Republic - entering everything was entirely manual (no auto detect). Doesn't look like that's changed.

Never used it, but there's also Gift Box Home.
posted by IndigoRain at 3:23 AM on October 19, 2006 is quite good, and they are very response to suggestions!

It has the "X other people also want this" info as well. And tags, and.. .ohh it's defoo "2.0"
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Not slick, 2.0, nor well-designed, but it wouldn't hurt to check out Baggle.
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Would help?
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I'm suprised that nobody mentioned Wishlistr - sexy and oh-so-2.0.
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