What is this pill?
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What is this pill? Oval, largeish, yellow with brown specks, and a capital "V" imprint.

I've tried many a pill identification sites, with no avail. I found them in a box from my dorm life. I doubt its anything scandalous or dangerous, but I don't want to throw them out/give them to unsuspecting partygoers until I know for sure.
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MDMA? 2C-B? It is most likely not of pharmaceutical origins from your description. Can you post a picture?
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Response by poster: I'm positive its a legal, possibly herbal pharmaceutical. If I had bought/been given four tablets of mdma or anything like that, I probably would have remembered.

No pic, I don't have access to a digital camera at the moment.
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I had good luck in this thread identifying a mystery pill.
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Vivarin? (200mg caffeine)

Another place to ask: http://www.pharmer.org/forum/pill_identification

search terms used: street drug identification
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I second trevyn's Vivarin ID. (Street/prescription drugs don't do the embossing thing.)

I gobbled the V in college, until I learned to appreciate good coffee...
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Does it smell? If it smells kind of nasty (or it does if you crush a little bit of it), it might be a B-vitamin suppliment. Mine are relatively large, ovoid tablets that are orange or dark yellow with brown flecks.
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(...to avoid getting slammed by nitpickers: some Rx drugs do indeed emboss. Whatever. It's Vivarin.)
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Street/prescription drugs don't do the embossing thing.
They absolutely do But it does sound like vivarin in this case.
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Response by poster: The "V" is exactly the same as that of vivarin. The shape is different though, more of an oval than a rounded rectangle
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You can try the Pill ID Wizard.

Also, I have to disagree with turducken-- street and prescription drugs both can have embossed surfaces.
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Sorry, didn't mean to pile on. Didn't see the other comments in preview.
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If you think it might be a street drug, www.ecstasydata.org or www.pillreports.com might be worth checking. I'm guessing it probably isn't, though.
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Is it this (assuming Fuzzy's beak left an imprint)?

Sorry, I really don't know, but I wanted to say that I love your username!
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