I need a birthday cake (in London)!
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I need a birthday cake for Friday (Sat morning at the latest). Doesn't have to be anything exciting, just something that can feed about 20 people, and says 'Happy Birthday' on it. I live in London - where on earth would I go to get such a thing? I guess I could try large supermarkets, but there aren't many in central London, and it would be nice to get something 'handmade', by a decent bakery. All suggestions gratefully recieved!
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Best answer: Maison Blanc?
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What about Edwards Bakery? I don't know what size would feed 20 people... They seem geared up to do the writing on the top though.
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Best answer: Patisserie Valerie. They have several branches, but Old Compton Street is the most central.
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Best answer: If budget is a consideration, try the giant Tesco between Earl's Court and West Kensington tube stations - they've got an in-store bakery.

If budget is no object, try Maison Blanc or Patisserie Valerie. (yum)
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Response by poster: thanks for the suggestions all!

In the end, I'm ordering from a bakery near where I live in Islington. I think I was being a bit dumb when I posted the question.. there are plenty of nice bakeries around! And your answers reminded me of that. I've just never had to buy a cake before!

Thanks again
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Waitrose. Better quality than Tesco, not as expensive as Maison Blanc.
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Too late for you now perhaps but making a cake is not that hard. If you are at all like me then you will probably screw up several elements of the recipe - but that all adds to the charm and you do get the "hand made" look for a lot less.
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Larger Marks & Spencer food halls usually have good quality cakes on a par with Waitrose.

Avoid the Tesco sponge cakes unless it's to feed sweet-toothed 4 year olds :-)
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Generic, clumsy website notwithstanding, this caramel cake is one of the most unique-tasting, delicious desserts I have ever had. With the exchange rate, you might get two and DHL them to the UK.
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Konditor & Cook
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