Mating call of the barking spider is getting deeper
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Umm how do I put this? When I was younger, the trouser trumpet used to sound and feel crisp and fast but now that Im older its become more like a tuba - sort of full and airy and slow. What's happening back there? Should I be worried? (FYI it's only ever handled the usual one-way traffic.)
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This is just an assumption here, but...

To tie it into the trumpet/tuba metaphor: the loud, high sound of a trumpet requires the face and cheeks to be a little tighter, while the lower softer sound of the tuba requires you to relax your cheeks a but more.

You could say you've gotten a little less uptight with age.
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You're talking about your butt, right?
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Another possibility: has your diet changed over the years...?
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Exercise is the key to many things. Since one way traffic isn't working, introduce a couple trouser trout and some two way traffic. Soon, your trousers will be happy, your trumpet musical, and everyone will be happy (and gay).
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saucy: I don't know where your flatulence comes from but I think he's talking about his butt. (See tags.)
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Can I favorite this question by a billion?

Before I read the whole post I thought "trouser trumpet" was the same thing as a skin flute. Then I was confused by the one-way traffic remark.
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Trouser Trumpet.
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Stop being so vanilla Brittanie. You haven't lived until you've gotten boned in your d-hole. All the kids are doing it.
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To rephrase this question in English:

You used to have quick, loud farts, and now you have slow airy farts. Yes?

Are your farts noisier and more drawn out now?

I lived with my 80-something grandparents a while back, and I was astounded by the noise and endurance of their farts. "Plbbtt, plt, bbblllt, lllt, bbbb, bbb, bbb, .... " It could go on in fits and starts for 20 minutes. They seemed to be able to hold the farts in better -- they always made it into the bathroom before letting loose. But once in there, the cacophany that emerged was frightening.
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Listen, Clifford Brown, you're not going to have the articulation and range that you had when you were younger. I used to have a brassy, Kansas City sound. Nowadays, I stick to ballads and worry about my spit valve emptying itself without warning.
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horsewithnoname: "Nowadays, I stick to ballads and worry about my spit valve emptying itself without warning."

That's called a "Cargo Fart."
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When I was doing my internship, one of the clergymen at our morning meetings used to put on quite a show. He had to lift his leg to hit the high notes but he was a hell of an artist. Ever heard the "Swanee River" melody line fly out of someone's ass? Didn't think so.
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LOL this *was* actually a serious question. Something related to the prostate for example?

(Worth the laughs though. The tuba is blowing proudly in appreciation as we speak.)
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...there's a reason for the term "old farts"... (although I don't know why
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Hm. Well, Le Petomane attributed his trouser trumpet talents to his strong abdominal muscles as does his modern-day counterpart so perhaps you could start doing some crunches?

Downwind please, though, if you happen to be a member of my gym.
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No real help here, but did I ever tell you about the man who taught his ass to talk?
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A day late, but I've got a theory: age leads to a general weakening in muscles all over the body. In youth, the trouser trumpet muscle regions (I'd rectify this ephemistic terminology, but that seems impolite) they are taut and toned, leading to crisp sounding farts. In advances aging, muscles have a tendency to get weaker and less toned unless they are exercised properly (kegels kegels kegels). Loss of tone and strength lead to more loose flatulance.

I am qualified to answer this sort of thing because I took exercise physiology and a class on social gerontology. And I fart. A lot. So does my friend. We talk about it a lot, and generally can be considered armchair fartologists.
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Still funny to this day, especially to my 10 y/o son. If I were my wife, I wouldn't stay with me.
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