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Will I be able to buy a Wii on the 19th of November with out much trouble? Or will I being kicking and fighting with parents trying to buy one for their kids, like what happened with the Tickle me Elmo a few years back?

One other problem the only retail store I have near me is a Wal-Mart.
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My guess is that if you don't pre-register at a store, you will not get one on the 19th. But I got Wii fever!
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I know you just said that the only thing near you is a Wal-Mart, but if you can find a Best Buy within a reasonable distance from you, it might be worth the drive. Show up a couple of hours before they open on the 19th -- they don't take reservations so it's first come, first serve. I don't know if Wal-Mart has the same policy: at Best Buy (at least the ones near me) they will respect the line that forms outside of the store and give out the merchandise in that order.

I've never shopped at Wal-Mart during launch for a hot item, so I don't know if they just open the doors and let people fight it out or what. I'm sure someone else will be able to answer that question.

preview: hammurderer, Wal-Mart (and Best Buy) don't take preorders.
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Reports are saying that there will be about 2 million units at launch. Without a pre-order, your best bet would be a place like Best Buy or Circuit City. Get there early (as tumult suggests as well) and you could possibly get one.

As for Wal Mart, if you choose to go there, be prepared to do battle. Wally is one of those places I avoid if theres a crush for a hot item. Employees do not respect a line that forms outside, and seem to enjoy (IMO) the blood sport of people attacking each other in an attempt to get that hot item.

As always, your results may vary.
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Im sure if you wait for the 2nd or 3rd shipment you will guarantee yourself one. Don't bother on launch day. Even first day preorders will require standing in line.
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I disagree with mphuie.

The situation isn't as dire as the PS3, and vendors offering reorders knew their yields a lot better, and thus (hopefully) haven't oversold at all.

The great thing about Wii, however, is the vast number of units being produced. What was originally 4 million by March has become 7 million by March. They'll be delivered by the truckful, but you'll want to get in line at a Best Buy on launch day.

Again, you're looking at a great deal more units (400%) than Xbox 360 or PS3 have/had on launch day.

Your chances are decent. A hell of a lot better than those other systems.

Oh, and even an overnight camping session would be totally worth it, I assure you. Wii Tennis is crazy fun alone, and the system is just... pure awesome.
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I wonder how my local Super Wal-mart is going to handle it, if they will start setting at midnight of the 18th.
I keep asking them weekly if they know if they will have them at launch, and I keep getting dumb stares and being told they get what they get sent..
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If you're going to go to Best Buy, I'd recommend showing up more than just the couple hours early that tumult suggested. I expect there will be a lot of people doing the overnight thing.

Is it critical that you get a Wii on the 19th, or will a few days afterward do? I believe online preorders via EB/Gamestop begin November 1st. You'll probably have to buy some kind of bundle, but I think the online preorder may be your best bet aside from driving a long way to camp out.
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My local Gamecrazy store (usually attached to a Hollywood Video) has said they are "about to" start taking Wii priiorders (sorrii). They've also taken my name and number and have promised to call me as soon as they know exactly when. They are expecting ~30 Wii as opposed to 4 PS3s.
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Thanks for the answers. It is not "critical" that I get one on the 19th, but I sure want one!

I think I am going to go to Best Buy early and hope for a small line. I might try to convince my wife to head to wal-mart and try there too.

Thanks again.
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Here is what my local Best Buy is (hopefully) going to do.

They are getting in a shipment of 20-30 on launch day and are expecting regular shipments throughout the holiday season.

What they might do is hand out tickets on the day before launch to people waiting to buy a Wii and the only people that will be allowed to buy a Wii will be people that have a ticket. Now, they aren't sure if they are going to do this but if they do, there is a chance that they might 'have' to wait till Sunday to actually sell anything Wii-related, so they might hand out the tickets at midnight. Since the store will be open until 11 anyway, that isn't a big deal.

Me and my friends are already geared up to camp out for 12ish hours, so we are going to camp out for 12ish hours...whether that means camping out from noon to midnight or from 11PM to 11AM remains to be seen.

But we NEED to get our Wiis at launch and if you don't, you can probably get one before Christmas with no problems (depending, of course, on location).
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If you live in my shoposphere, please disregard this comment and move on to the next one. Here's my Wii plan:

I don't preorder consoles, I find the practice distasteful. So what I'm going to do is go to the stores what will have the Wii, but aren't thought of as electronics stores. GameStop, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. are all electronics stores and so they will attract most Wii hunters. So I'm going to hit up Target, K-Mart, Meijer, Sears, etc.

Now if they all sell out, I'll try again the Tuesday morning after launch. Many stores get new equipment shipments Monday night/Tuesday morning, and I saw two people get Xbox 360s using this strategy.

Finally, keep an ear out for stores that are breaking the street date. I was able to get my DS Lite a week before the launch date because a store didn't get the memo. If this happens, after you get your pre-Wii you are obligated to call every friend who pre-ordered and tell them about the store so they can decide whether to forfeit their deposit.
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Taking into account that there will probably be more Wii's on the street than PS3's and that retailers are going to be making more from selling Wii's than other systems, I think it shouldn't be too hard to find one before Present Day in December.
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I got my gamecube on launch day(still works) at a toys r us, and I plan to do the same for the Wii. Nintendo and TRU have a pretty close relationship, and TRU is actually giving away 25,000 Wii, so its a safeish bet that they are getting a large shipment. Honestly I am more concerned with getting the new Zelda game on the 19th then I am a system.
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After all the 360 hassle, I'm just ordering online. Curcuit City online did well for me in the past, so I'll stick with'em and not sweat getting my hands on one before Black Friday.
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Er. Circuit City, even.
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