Law and Order UK theme
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What's the music used as the theme for Law and Order on five in the UK? It's also used in a trailer for one of the Matrix sequels - here [WMV], music from 1:41 — 2:14.
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Best answer: Here's the list of music from the trailer

I think it's Rob Dougan, "I'm Not Driving Anymore". They have it on iTunes. And BTW, you really don't want the vocal version.
posted by smackfu at 4:23 PM on October 17, 2006

I could argue for the vocal version: Rob Dougan's voice is like Tom Waits meets Joe Cocker with a bit more sweep. But yeah, that's the track.
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Response by poster: Thanks smackfu.

Anyone know where I could get a hold of it?

It isn't on iTunes in the UK, and none of the OD2 stores (MSN, Oxfam etc) have it either.
posted by matthewr at 4:51 PM on October 17, 2006

there's always allofmp3.
posted by Mars Saxman at 6:49 PM on October 17, 2006

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