Automate Buzzword Bingo?
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To alleviate the boredom of sitting through lectures, I've decided to create a buzzword bingo game to play with my classmates. I’m looking for a program that can automate the game for me as much as possible…read on, there’s

Basically, everyone will get a bingo card (or a few cards) with phrases in each box, when the instructor says a phrase you can claim that box, match a row, column or diagonal and you win (prizes tbd). I've seen lots of programs that will create the cards for me, but I’m really looking to automate the entire process. Hopefully someone knows of a program that can:

1. Accept a list of pre-defined words & phrases to be used as the buzzwords.
2. Create printable, non-duplicative cards.
3. Remember the contents of each card (so when I give a classmate a card and they loose it I can replace it with the exact same card).
4. Allows me to tell the program whenever a word or phrase is said by the teacher and can track how each individual card is doing.
5. Prompts me when there is a winning card, and tells me which card it is.
6. Is free.

Does anyone know of any program that can do this?

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Response by poster: I forgot...I'm running WinXP and have access to a MYSQL/PHP install if anyone has a web-based option.
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Off-topic, but related -- we used to play Nerd Bingo -- and other variants ('Fool's Bingo'; 'Loud Mouth Bingo'). Works particularly well in rooms with assigned seating. For those rooms without assigned seating players sometimes would arrive early to 'steal' favorite seats of the 'nerds,' fools,' forcing them out of their comfort zone for that class/lecture.

Instead of yelling 'bingo' a winner has to incorporate three previously agreed-upon words (e.g. 'obfuscate,' 'verdant,' Poland) in a sentence spoken out loud after having the lecturer successfully call on you. When all players hear the three chosen words everyone jumps up and yell 'bingo' in unison.

BTW -- the winner buys drinks for all the players that afternoon/evening.
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Can't help ya, but I love this idea.

Just today, as I sat in class, I was wanting to do a shot every time the prof said, "at this point in time."
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I can't give you advice on how, but I can offer an anecdote:

Long ago, a student in Professor Couch's class at Tufts did something like this.
When the Prof found out about it, he was so amused, he decided to make his own Couch Bingo cards every year in his classes... By the time I got there, he had been doing it for a few years.

It encouraged us to pay attention, I guess.
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Will this work for you? I know its a few days later but I have been meaning to dig it out of my bookmarks for you
There is also this wikipedia site too if you haven't allready found it
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