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InsuranceInsiderFilter: Who do I talk to at insurance companies about buying totalled Snowmobiles and ATV's?

Last winter a few friends of mine and I got together and started a little business selling used motorsports parts over Ebay. We're looking to dig deeper into it this winter, but we need a steadier stream of inventory. Do any MeFites know who inside individual insurance companies I would talk to about buying wrecked snowmobiles and ATV's? Is there a specific department which handles this or are they usually handed over to a third party broker? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Generally these kinds of things are sold at auction. Any claims adjuster should be able to tell you where the auctions are held. Often you need a license of some sort that serves to keep the riff raff out. For example many car salvage auctions require you to have a dealer license or auto wrecking business license to bid at the auctions.
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Here's what you need to bid on insurance salvage in Wisconsin:
License: Wisconsin BID Card
How to Apply: Call Wisconsin DMV at 608-266-1425 or click on
Wisdot forms mv2651.pdf.
Applies to: Buyers and their agents who meet Wisconsin state requirements and wish to purchase any vehicles at any of our Wisconsin locations.
Fee: In –State - $6, if dealer license expires less than one year; $12 if dealer license expires over a year; Out-of-State - $6.
Available to Non-US Based Buyers: Yes, as long as the buyer meets the Wisconsin state requirements. Annual fee is $12.

Once you get that, Insurance Auto Auctions has a branch just down the road from you in Appleton. Good luck!
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