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I need to find a basic computer literacy/skills test to download. Any suggestions?

Or feel free to just add sugested questions in here, and I will make it from scratch.
I am getting ready to hire a entry level position that will be responsible for data entry and some other office type jobs. I would like to find out a little about their windows/office skills.
Also, Any suggestions for free and simple WPM testing programs?

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Check out
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Pivot tables are apparently hard for most.

Also, just try giving the applicant a test of your normal workload, all the way to print. That way you know if they have experience or if they just printed 5 pages of what should have been one and all the columns are a mess... drives me crazy everytime some one sends me a spreadsheet.
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Response by poster: I guess I should have said that I was looking for more "free" tests, rather then something you have to pay for. Otherwise brain bench would work great!
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Set them up on a basic machine with internet access. Tell them the test is to find a online a test on basic computer literacy skills, download it and take it print the results and bring them to you. The test is effectively "open book" because they should be able to look up the answers online as well. If they can manage this much they pass.
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