Fake leather jacket? In NYC?
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FashionFilter: Where can I buy an imitation leather men's jacket that doesn't look stupid? Do such things exist? I like leather a lot from the appearance standpoint, but while I eat meat, I don't see the consumption of leather or fur as particularly wholesome. Whenever I've tried Googling such things, the only jackets I ever find are bomber jackets, which are not my style -- I'd prefer something cleaner and more modern. Internet sites are fine, but serious bonus points for actual stores in New York City. And how much can I reasonably expect to pay for such a thing?
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I would suggest any of the thrift stores in the East Village along Ave B or Ave A. They generally have a good stock of faux leather and leather jackets. Of course, you are gonna pay maybe a 100 bucks or so, but the selection should be good. Alternatively, there is Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg which I've found to have a large selection of jackets like you've described.
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Check out H&M. They are inexpensive (and as such probably carry vinyl over leather) and hip (read: probably not stupid-looking).

Not sure if they have what you want, but that is where I would start.
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Leather is a natural by-product of the meat-production process, as you must be aware. I don't think many, if any, cows or pigs are slaughtered solely for their hides. So why not just get the real thing?
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You'll have the leather five or ten times as long as the pleather, which is made from petroleum products. Comparatively, leather's reasonably sustainable. I get your feelings about it, though. I don't eat beef and won't wear fur, but leather is so practical it's tough to rationalize cutting out.
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Try the vegan stores. I am sure they exist in NYC, but I have no idea where. There are plenty of online stores that sell faux leather jackets (I like veganessentials.com). Usually the ones that are sold in vegan stores are of higher quality than the cheap ones you will find in cheap stores. The fake leather in the higher end products is usually breathable, unlike the plastic in cheaper versions. It is also much more environmentally friendly.
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Moo Shoes is downtown on Allen Street - last time I was there they had a few non-shoe items, but it was slim pickins, and they're pretty expensive. Also, even tho you're not crazy about internet sites, there's this. And I'm a big fan of oiled canvas jackets - moves and feels like leather, and just as cool, but more subtle.
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It bears repeating, trust me ... Daffy's! They have excellent leathers and great prices, and usually carry an assortment of funky pleathers.
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I used to be an outerwear buyer / merchandiser for what is now the US's largest department store chain. As one of my vendors at the time explained it to me, every year there is more than enough hide of cattle produced as a by-product of the beef industry to satisfy the coat, handbag/accessories, and shoe producer industries, combined.

I don't know whether or not that's a fact, but it would have been mud on his face were I to find out otherwise, and it sounds reasonably plausible to me.

Anyhow, if it is in fact true, then its more enviromentally friendly to buy leather than processed goods anyway.
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