I need a colorful and bright suit where should I look?
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Help me find a really bright colorful suit/ sportscoat for my ultimate halloween costume. Ebay is failing me and I rather not spend too much money on it. What are some other options?
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If you can find a blazer or sportscoat that is made of natural fabric, you can dye it in the washing machine with Rit Dye, or dyes found at Dharma Trading Co. Try thrift stores and consignment shops. I would even say Target or Walmart, but they will surely be made of polyester. Polyester doesn't take dye very well at all.

It's easy as pie to dye. What color are you looking for?
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You could make one out of Duct Tape.
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Seconding thrift stores. They may even have something already fugly enough - look in their "vintage" or "old fashions" section.
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Thirding, thrift stores. I'm sure you'll be able to find something suitably bright and colourful. A friend of mine found an electric blue suit in one for his 20s gangster costume, and I found a Barbie pink prom dress at the Goodwill (which I promptly donated back).
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Neutral and dark-colored jackets sometimes have contrasting inner linings - here's one example. They're not meant to be worn inside-out, and probably won't fit best that way, but if you want that lining color as part of your costume, it's an option.
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