Help me convert from SMF to MMF.
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I need help converting a single mode fiber connection to a multi mode connection.

So, we are upgrading our connection at work to gigabit fiber, but there is one issue. Our outward facing router has 10/100Mbs copper ports as well as 1000Mbs MMF ports. The fiber being run in is single mode, so I am going to need a converter. I know they exist, thanks to google, but are there any other options than a 600 dollar SMF to MMF converter? I know the SMF to copper converters are much cheaper, so maybe combining that with a gigabit copper hub that has MMF ports? I'm not all too familiar with fiber, so any information would be a great help.
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Response by poster: I will have to check at work tomorrow, but the router in question (well, a switch, actually) is an Alteon 180 which doesn't have GBIC or SFP modules as far as I know, just hardwired multi-mode ports.
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assuming the uplink port you're talking about is port 9. according to the 180 manual:

Port 9: One dedicated uplink port
Although a number of uplink options may be available, the SC-style Gigabit Ethernet fiber connection (shown in Figure 1) is standard.

so you may be able to swap another module in. it may require opening the cover.
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