Blogger New Post E-mail Notification?
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Automatic E-mail notification of new post in Blogger?

It's tough to search for answers when one of the key terms is "Blogger".

I loosely administer a group (family) blog with roughly 50 members on Blogger. Sometimes we get 3 or 4 posts a day, and participation skyrockets. If 5 or 6 days go by without a post, the NEXT post receives very little interest.

Everyone has been encouraged to make visiting the blog a part or their daily Internet routine, but many of the (family)members are over 50.

I can't find any way to activiate email notification for each member when a new article is posted. There seems to be nothing in the limited Bloger FAQ either.

Does anyone know of a simple way to implment this? I mean, new members are ADDED based on their email address!
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This site may help perhaps-- and link it with a mailing list?
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Create a Google Group (or Yahoo group) comprised of all the email addresses of your blog members.

Then go to Blogger Dashboard->Settings->Email

and enter your new Yahoo/Google Groups email address in the BlogSend Address field.

Any new posts will automatically be emailed to the group members.

You can do the same thing for all post comments as well, insert your group address in Blogger Dashboard->Settings->Comments->Comment Notification Address field
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Note: the workaround mentioned about is for regular Blogger. I haven't checked out Blogger Beta yet so there might be a more direct way of doing it in the Beta.
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Not that I can find - it is a real drawback.
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I've just started to build the Google Group. Thank you.

But seriously, we started this on a lark 6 months ago and it just kinda grew. Has Google done nothing since they bought Blogger? The FAQ hasn't changed a bit!
posted by Roach at 7:22 PM on October 16, 2006 does this (I find them very convenient for email alerts on blogs or flickr accounts). i see they're down at the moment though :-(.
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