Catalogs with editorial content?
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Point me towards catalogs (or catalog websites) that include editorial content along with the things they sell. I need this as reference material for a project I'm working on.

The J. Peterman catalog is a classic example of the kind of thing I'm looking for. I've also seen the Williams Sonoma catalog which mixes recipes and techniques in with the cooking utensils they sell.

Can anyone point me to other websites like these or merchants who print catalogs along this line? It would be ideal if the merchandise was electronics or telecom.

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You might try searching odd terms at Google Catalog Search.

A quick search yields a lot of front-of-the-catalog-letters like this one:
Audio Advisor
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Rivendell Bicycle Works perhaps?
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Highland Hardware. Dick Tools (yes, I know, it's a funny name - but a great catalog). Layline sailboat racing parts and cordage.

And of course the greatest of all hardware catalogs (and the best of all catalog-based Web sites): McMaster-Carr (examples: "About Braided Hose", "About Diaphragm Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valves", "About Hand Cleaners and Cleaning Power").
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Oy, I broke the link! Here: McMaster-Carr
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Wow, I broke two of the links! Here again: Highland Hardware
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The Right Stuf catalog is an institution of sorts within the American anime community... it always includes editorial content.
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The Real Goods catalog has this to some extent.
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Here in the UK Howies do a pretty good catalogue with info about how they make the product and other fun and games stuck in between the product pages. I dunno if they'll ship to the states though.
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Just after I pressed "post" I realised that they have a PDF here of their catalogue. Enjoy.
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check out Lush Cosmetics . They have some good descriptions/content for each thing
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Trader Joe's has a sales flyer with high editorial content. Here's an example (pdf)
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Moosejaw, an outdoor activity gear store. Lots of abstract, humorous and weird editorial content.

"If I were a North Face Fleece Jacket like the North Face Denali Jacket, I'd probably be a lot more popular and have way more fun. I'm studying at the North Face Jackets School of Arts (NFJSA) this semester and my goal is to start as a North Face Khumbu Jacket, then evolve into a North Face Denali Jacket and finally, morph into the extra warm North Face Denali Thermal Jacket."
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Penzey's Spices tends to cover quite a lot of general info about herbs and spices. Recipes, too
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Boden will have the editors say things like "This is our favorite skirt EVER". Of course that makes more sense than saying "This top is rather mediocre."
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