Can you ID this software by its UI?
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What's the software being used to do the photo-manipulation in the new Dove Evolution ad?

It's definitely not Photoshop or Photo Retouch Pro, but my curiousity is piqued because the warp tools are totally sweet.

Does anyone who works on high-end photomanip recognize the software and platform (It looks a little like Barco Creator, but that went away years ago right? Or does old software/hardware still hang around in pro-studios?)

Link to video (the software appears halfway in):
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Surely it's just something they mocked up for the video, rather than an actual video of some real software in action. In the same way that in films or CSI etc you see mocked-up Operating Systems rather than Windows.
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Looks like a mashup of a photoshop CS2 and one of the older Scitex products' menubar.
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that is good old adobe photoshop.

they depict quite accurately how we produce ads.
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Yeah, I'd also go with a mashup... the histogram isn't exactly the same, and the lower fields of the tool bar aren't exactly standard. Other than that, total mockup. You can do "warp" effects easily with any advanced video editor (afterfx, shake, etc) using control points and the like so the "mask here, stretch there" effect would not be hard to emulate at all.
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The top is Photoshop, the bottom most definitely is not. I use it for several hours a day and I've never seen anything like the bottom third of that toolbar in PS.
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Response by poster: Re: Photoshop. The tools pallette (both the tool icons and color picker) is completely different as are all the floating pallettes from Photoshop, and it has nothing like the multiview navigator. (I've been working w/ Photoshop since v2 so I think I'd recognize it)

I can't really place the windowing widgets - it looks more Amiga than any *NIX. I could be convinced that it's a mockup, but I'd be interested to hear from people who actually work on modern high-end dedicated software/hardware (Quantel, Dalim, etc) rather than idle speculation.

My gut tells me that this is a screencap of actual software.
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