The French, Japan and Love. What's the movie name?
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Friend of mine is looking to track down the name of a movie. The dialogue is in English, French and Japanese. Most of the story is set in post-WWII Japan. It is about a French engineer who is working there. He is developping a relationship with a Japanese woman who runs a kimono store, but his old flame flies in from France and hijinks ensue. No it's not "Hiroshima, mon amour". As always there is

The general idea is that the French engineer is relatively well-integrated in Japanese society, but his old flame has no clue. For instance, since she works in fashion (back home in France), she thinks that she would know her way around the kimono store, but she makes cultural mistakes.

At a point in the movie, both French people visit the bomb site at Hiroshima. At another point, there is a big storm, perhaps a tsunami. My friend thinks the French engineer fails to save the life of his Japanese love interest.

It's definitly not "Hiroshima, mon amour" (Marguerite Duras) since this movie is not black and white. Other details are that the engineer has blond hair and the French woman, brown, or darker, hair.
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Best answer: Sounds like Typhon sur Nagasaki .
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Typhon sur Nagasaki

(Country of Origin: France, description: engineer japan)
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If your friend is interested in another English/French/Japanese dialogue romp, I recommend the creepy thriller Demonlover.
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