Where can I find clips of very early films?
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A friend is preparing a film course. Does anybody know where I can find clips of the very first films, like "The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station" by Louis Lumière for example, or even some of the pre-lumiere "films", such as those shown at penny arcades?
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I don't think the Train film is on there, but you'll want to check out the 4-disc "Treasures from American Film Archives" DVD set. I've taken it out of the library twice and I still haven't gotten through all of it. It includes clips of interesting early stuff.

More info at:
http://www.filmpreservation.org/dvd/treasures.html (click on the Full Contents link there)

amazon detail page
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Eastman might have some too
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The Lumière Brothers' First Films
[5434 LD 10038 DVD 61min bw and color 1996]
85 remastered works by Auguste and Louis Lumière, from 1895-97, from the Lumière Institute. Narrated by Bertrand Tavernier.
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I'm actually looking for downloadable stuff, gluechunk, as we're in Chile and don't have the wherewithal to buy DVDs from overseas.
Good link, amber.
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Good one, y2karl, the memory.loc.gov is amazing. Now if only I could find a french equivalent, I'd be set.
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follow these links maybe?
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signal, perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, but The Open Video Project has quite a few historical clips, with the oldest ones dating to the late 1800s. This link should lead to search results in the "historic" category, sorted by date (newest to oldest - go to the last page of results for the earliest clips). At any rate, this site is likely to come in handy for a course like this.
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Thanks, all.
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I've got The Great Train Robbery kicking around if you're interested.
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signal - are you anywhere near a university that might have its own film studies dept? You might be able to get visitor access.
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biffa, not any one with a good film studies dept, which is why I'm looking online.
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