Southern NH Restaraunts
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Looking for a very nice restaraunt for my wifes birthday dinner. We have eaten at most of the well known places in the Nashua/Manchester area and are looking for something new. Any suggestions out there?
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How far are you willing to go? Since in Southern NH, are you willing to drive to Boston or the suburbs convenient to Rt.3?
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You might try the food centered community at chowhound, they have lots of message boards for different regions, states, and some cities. I suggest searching for your towns on their boards before posting the question. Have a great dinner!
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Lilac Blossom is a very nice, quiet Chinese restaurant. In Merrimack, there's Silo's, a pretty good steak house.

I assume that Villa Banca, Chicago Steak Room, etc. fall under the heading of "well-known places." Frankly, after 4 years of weekly dinners in the Nashua area, I've concluded that my conception of top-shelf dining doesn't exist north of the Massachusetts border — but there are plenty of halfway decent places if you're willing to settle.
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If you feel like driving to Maine, the Fore Street Restaurant in Portland is wonderful.
posted by suki at 5:48 PM on October 15, 2006 White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport (ME) is apparently the only five star resturant north of NYC, and was recently named one of the top 100 resturants in America by either Gourmet or Bon Apetite (I can't recall which).

Plus its as romantic as it gets. And there is an Inn and spa if you want to make a weekend of it. Pricey, though.
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Drat, I borked the URL. Try this:

The White Barn Inn
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I have not been to Ya Mamma's recently, and I have not yet been to their newer location. But when we went there on Canal St. in Nashua, it was fabulous. I thought the name was dumb and was expecting the food to be bad for some reason, but it was great.
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Response by poster: theredpen is correct about Ya Mamma's. The food at their new location is even better than it was at the Canal St location. Getting in to the old restaraunt on a weekend without a reservation involved spending time in a line that spilled out on to the sidewalk. Mamma is the owners mother who filled in as a waitress at the old Canal St location. We try to do birthdays at new places every year so Ya Mammas is out for this date, but we will be going back there soon.
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You don't mention what restaurants you have been to, but I've had many a nice meal at Michael Timothy's when I'm up that way.
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Can't beat Silks in Tyngsborough(SP).
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