Need wireless microphone advice!
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Recommendations for wireless inexpensive microphone combos for small church.

I'm looking for some recommendations for the best wireless microphone combos (handheld and lavaliere), or the best wireless system in which I can purchase an additional handheld or lavaliere and use it with the receiver with not a lot of fiddling around.

We're a small church and want to keep our expenses low, so I'm looking into other options besides Shure's SM58 combo $800 system.

Extra props if you can tell me the best place to buy it online or over the phone!
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They're expensive, but Shures are worth every penny, and would be the best investment. The last thing you want is a cheap wireless system that cuts out often or picks up RF interference from the lights, the air conditioner, or anything else. Check at a local pro audio shop; you'll often be able to find used equipment being sold on consignment, which will enable you to get the good stuff without breaking your budget. eBay might work, but for audio equipment, it helps to actually hold it in your hand before you buy it.
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I don't have actual brand recommendations, but my father has run sound systems for several churches, so I have a few notes of advice I've picked up from him:

- Seriously, make sure you have a drawer full of back-up batteries. Wireless mikes use up more power than you might think, and there's nothing worse than having to send someone flying out to the store five minutes before the service starts (especially if it's an early one!).
- If you don't have much sound experience, it might help to find a professional to map out the acoustics of your space. Churches often have insane dead/sweet spots in unexpected places, and you don't want to get a fabulous wireless system in place that no one can hear.
- While I definitely understand the desire/need to keep expenses low, honestly, a church is one of the places where it's most important to have a reliable sound system in place. It's one thing for the audience to deal with technical difficulties at a rock concert, where they can just grumble about it and move on; it's another thing when you're dealing with church, which for many is a very intimate and powerful experience. The mechanics behind it all should be as seamless as possible, so that people can worship without unnecessary distraction.
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Seconding the Shures. I'm using a rack full of them right now.
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Another vote not to cheap out on wireless.

If the budget is really tight, use as many wired mics as possible, and one or two good wireless sets for when wireless is absolutely necessary.

If you choose to buy and use a number of wireless mic's, be sure to buy them all from the same manufacturer and series, so that you can swap components if/when something fails. Budget for one more than you need so you have a backup.
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Also, mail order may give you the lowest price, but a local dealer is better able to support you with spares and service.
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