London, Paris or elsewhere for New Year's Eve 2006?
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London, Paris or elsewhere for New Year's Eve 2006?

My gf and I have invited two friends to spend New Year's Eve with us while she and I are travelling around Europe and The UK. Our friends fly into London on Dec 28 and leave on Jan 4. We're all mid-20s, Canadian and pretty youthful in our tastes

We've been sort-of planning on seeing fireworks at the Eiffel Tower, but we aren't commited to anything. Staying in London is also an option, but we have some money to spend if we want to so anywhere in Europe is possible, really.

I love fireworks and would enjoy a good display, but mostly we want anything fun, mostly safe, and exciting. Nothing super-fancy, though.

Where are you spending New Years in Europe? Where would you? Want to invite us to your party?
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Some of the best times I've ever had were in Edinburgh, Scotland for New Years. They call it Hogmanay, and everyone should do it before they die. Safe, but friendly and undisciplined in a way only the Scots can do.
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Ditto Edinburgh. It's just the best place to see in the new year. A great atmosphere, with plenty of options depending on how wild/sedate you want your celebrations to be.

One note - the gigantic street party which is the centrepiece of the organised celebrations requires a pass for you to get in. They're pretty cheap (£5), but they sell out rather quickly. You can buy them here.

I don't think it's in any way essential to go to the street party - in fact, I'm fairly sure you can have more fun elsewhere, and it can get a wee bit crowded - but if you want the full "experience", it's a good move.
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I spent New Years' 2005 in Paris with my sister. We had dinner in the Latin district. We didn't make reservations, we just wandered around until we found a place without too long of a wait. Had a decent meal. Then wandered the streets, meandering towards the Eiffel Tower. Got a bit lost, but there was always people and cafes to keep us interested/warm. Lots of choices for more wild/less wild. Ended up on a bridge over the Seine with hundreds of people blocking the street to watch the fireworks and countdown. It was a great, improvised, fun night.
(And actually one of the cheaper evenings we spent in Paris. They don't seem to price gouge as much on New Year's.) Highly recommended.
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