What are my options for a motherboard upgrade?
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Help me find a motherboard upgrade to my Dell Dimension 4300 that I'm using as a HTPC.

I recently bought an Antec Overture II case as an upgrade to my Dell Dimension 4300 that I'm using as a HTPC. Let me tell you, one more day using the original 4300 case and psu and the computer would've been toast. That said, I'm looking to transfer all of the parts from that computer into the new case. It doesn't look like my motherboard is going to fit. No biggie. Motherboards for that procressor are fairly cheap (~$20).

Only thing is - I want to get the right mother board. The processor from the 4300 is an Intel P4 1.6GHz using an 845 Chipset and a Socket 478. Now, do I have to pick a motherboard that uses the 845 chipset, or does it just have to use the socket 478?

I found this motherboard and it seems to be just what I was looking for - will it do the job? And if not, could you recommend one?
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Response by poster: Between the motherboard I originally suggested and this one, which one would be the better pick?
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Best answer: Just the socket needs to match. The chipset is on the motherboard and doesn't need to be the same as your existent one.

The first motherboard link is horrible, because the shipping price is $40+ !. The second one's an improvement in that regard. The form factor listed on your new case says it fits standard and micro ATX motherboards, and both of those are standard ATX. Ignoring the cost differentials, they're both fine for your purpose.

I'd be weary of buying motherboards on eBay, mostly because of the fear of bad support, extra return costs, etc. You could get a $50 (including shipping) 478 board from Newegg and be guaranteed a much better experience if it arrives DOA or you have problems.

If you can find a power seller or someone else that has a million excellent feedback comments, ignore the above I suppose. eBay just gives me the willies.
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Response by poster: Perfect. I would have no problem buying off of NewEgg. There are just so many boards to choose from that I wasn't sure what to look at.
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If you do get a mobo with a different chipset, and you're running Windows, and you want to keep your existing sofware setup instead of rebuilding it from the ground up, you'll need this.
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