Golf casual?
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At a "golf casual" event, can a woman wear (tailored) jeans?
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posted by cadastral at 6:57 PM on October 13, 2006

No. Slacks, capri pants, no denim. Shirt must have a collar. Any golf website will give you ideas of attire. Why try to go against the flow?
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I agree with furtive, the answer is "No." In my mind "golf casual" means no t-shirts, jeans, or shorts.
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Response by poster: OK, sorry, should have mentioned this before, but it's not a golf event - it's a corporate hospitality event in conjunction with the NASCAR race. Different rule in that case?
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Still, no jeans. I think. Khakis and a polo shirt would be better.
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I would take "golf casual" to mean that the golf course rules apply.

And if the organizers of the event mean something else by it, then only they can tell you exactly what that is.
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Golf casual implies NO jeans. NASCAR implies dungarees and a faded t-shirt that says, "Haulin' Ass". Seing as this is a corporate event, I would stick to the golf part and wear khakis, slacks, capris (see furtive comments above). Look like you are going to the Country Club.

I hope when all is said and done that you are looking sharp while rooting for the 24 car. Go Jeff Gordon.
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My local club's definition: No denim of any sort. Collared shirt, but that's been relaxed somewhat (you can get away with a mock-neck). Tailored shorts are OK -- no cutoff anything. Closed-toe shoes.

When in doubt, rent Caddyshack. Then do the opposite.
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"Golf casual" means golf club rules. No denim.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone - I was hoping not to have to run out to Talbots this morning to buy a pair of khakis that fit, but I submit to the hive...
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I agree the race course venue throws you off, but why would they ever use the word "golf" in their description of the dress code if they didn't mean to apply golf club rules? No denim it is. Doesn't mean someone else might not screw up and make you think you could've worn your jeans after all, but if you want to wear appropriate clothes, no jeans, t-shirts or shirts without collars.

It doesn't have to be khakis though. Don't you have any slacks? Or even a skirt? So many things would work that aren't jeans.
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Just go in the jeans. What's the worst that could happen? Seriously.
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NASCAR? I say go with the jeans. They wouldn't be allowed on most golf courses but if they are at least as formal as golf wear, and good designer jeans would meet that criteria, then it should work. Golf club rules against jeans are really aimed at Levis but they don't make exceptions for better looking jeans as it would be too difficult to administer. Anyway, jeans would hinder your movement while playing.
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I'm sorry, but The Reality Check ™ notes you are contemplating buying new attire for a corporate hospitality event at a NASCAR race. Does not compute. Consult your closet.
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Response by poster: OK, here's the post-game show.

First, Dick, thanks for the Reality Check, but the need for new outfit had more to do with new size of hips than anxiety over dress code, although I will claim both.

For future reference, I ended up wearing stone-colored courduroys, a t-shirt and a sweater for later. But I definitely could have worn nice jeans, as others did, and will next year.

And I mentioned to the event coordinator that next year they might be a bit more specific with their expectations (i.e. no tennis shoes or Haulin' Ass t-shirts or whatever they wanted, rather than throwing around terms that have no firm definition) ... because I am a pain-in-the-ass guest like that.

And OH MY GOD, I love racing now. It was a great day.
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