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Looking for mini daypack for walk abouts in the 30 dollar range

Hi, I know there are many answers for "sleek backpack" in the ask.meta archives however I'm looking for something specific.

What I'm looking for is a small/sleek/backpack (or sling) that I can fit a plethora of small gadgets and a book in for around 30 bucks (or so). Unisex or Masculine would be a bonus.

I'll be taking 4-6 hour walks on a 3 day week basis for the next year and I'd like a bag I can just "throw stuff in" but if I were to go in a department store or something, it would be small enough to not warrant "please check your bag in."
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Nomadic makes some awesome bags... but the site is only in Japanese and I have yet to find a store that has their bags other than a few at the Container Store.
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I absolutely love my "NeatFreak Organizer". Its from Maxpedition. It's twice your price limit though. I bought mine from LAPoliceGear or something, and it ended up being about 60 after shipping and taxes.
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I bought the Civita from the Rick Steve Travel Store and it has been very useful. I typically toss it into my suitcase, since it takes up almost no room.
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This might have some ideas . . .
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The M-51 Engineer's bag might be what you're looking for, and is pretty widely available at an 'Army Surplus' store near you.
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I have a black Baggallini I use for a purse. It's too small for hardbacks, but fits up to 2 paperbacks + junk pretty well.
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Reload also has some custom smaller stuff.
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WRT: ReLoad

I stopped by ReLoad's showroom in Philly a few weeks ago: The prices are high, and the design of the bags is (IMO) poor. My lovely wife (Master's degree in a textile-related field) tells me is likely to crack and crumble with age.

Just an opinion.
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