I need cheap t-shirts for my band...
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Bands! What's the cheapest service for simple 1 color screenprinted t-shirts? How about stickers and buttons?
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Make your own - it's really easy (and fun!) See if there's a craft studio in your town. Also, buttonmakers are pretty easy to operate.
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I second the recommendation for making your own. You can make as many as you need, you can change designs as often as you want, and people love the hand-craftedness of it. I saw one band that bought a bunch of shirts from thrift stores and did their own screenprinting, so each one was unique. Plus, it's a lot of fun to get the whole band working together with designs, ideas, paint, and clothes. It can be so much better than just sending a design to some company and getting a bunch of shirts back that are all the same.
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Make your own shirts, for sure. We used to. It's cheap and easy to do...and a lot of fun!
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Sticker Guy has been making stickers forever and is really cheap.

I've also heard great things about Porkchop Screenprinting (here in Seattle) for screenprinting shirts.

Screenpriting is really fun (I do my own) but it can be pretty involved... and can cost you a fair amount of money for lights, screens, inks, chemicals, etc...
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For stickers and buttons my band uses stickerguy.com and Busy Beaver Button Co.. They're pretty reasonable and easy to order from, and I've had great customer service from both.
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I'm going to eighth the suggestion for Busy Beaver.
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Response by poster: Being that we hardly have time for practice, I don't think we have time to make our own anything, but thanks for the links.

Still looking for online cheap t-shirt printers.
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When we were shopping around for our shirts, I bookmarked VGkids.com, but didn't use them so I have no feedback. (We went with a local place instead where we got a two color design for less per shirt than what they want for 1-color). Where are you located? If it's a town of any size (or close to one), you may want to look locally. You may be able to haggle down to what you'd pay online and just the difference in time and shipping costs (you could pick them up) may make it worthwhile.
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I would recommend Octopus Ink. They're cheap, friendly and fast!
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If you get the t-shirts printed first, you can trade one as credit toward buttons at arteto and get buttons pretty cheap.

(Disclosure: I am affiliated with arteto and will most likely have a hand in making your buttons.)
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I've used VGKids for literally dozens of T-shirt and sticker jobs. Nothing but good things to say.
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