How to get a deep crease out of leather (upholstery)
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I have had an expensive leather couch for about 7 years with removable overstuffed cushions. One of the cushions was probably not pulled tight enough when originally sewed and has a deep crease. I know I can replace the pillow/stuffing insert to plump it up, but I can not figure out how to get the deep , seemingly permanent crease out given that leather cannot be ironed. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Wrinkles and creases in leather should hang out. If ironing is necessary, place heavy brown paper over the leather and use a cool to medium iron. Take care not to overheat the leather, which will cause it to shine. -- From Wilsons Leather

I've lightly ironed my leather pants before this way, after a summer being folded in storage, and it worked well (with a very cool iron). I don't know how well it would work with a deeper crease. Maybe call a shoe or leather shop and ask them. They might be able to clean and condition it, which could help with the crease. I know when my leather jacket comes back from being cleaned, it always looks less rumpled.
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The leather may have originally had a skin fold in that area, and have, in fact, pushed aside the plumping effect of the current stuffing as it was pushed by people sitting on it. I think you'd have to examine the leather, very carefully, from the split side, and know what you are looking for, to determine if there is any real chance to permanently lift the crease.

If there is, it is going to happen by a process of plumping back the fibers of the leather, correcting the finish in that area, and supporting the area against further recrease. The likelihood of this being successful is very small, for a wear area on something as soft as sofa cushions.

Wear creases are generally not viewed as flaws in leather furniture. But I can understand your angst if the appearance is not what you hoped in an expensive piece of furniture. If you want a truly permanent correction, you'd be better off having the cushion cover remade from purpose dyed new leather, although this is very, very expensive. Could you restuff the problem cushion, turn it, and move it to another position, and wait for another year or two, to let wear develop in the other cushions, of similar magnitude?
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Thank you--Actually this cushion is not turnable nor can it be switched with others because of the design, unfortunate because that would have been a great idea. It seems to have occured because of not being pulled taught enough when sewn, I wonder if an upholsterer could tighten it up, akin to a "face lift" for deep wrinkles?!
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thank you orb. I will try to iron as you suggested on a part of the cushion that won't show to see if this works.
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....have you tried flipping the cushion?
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Flipping the cushion WOULD be easy! But the design and shape make even turning it impossible. It is not leather on the bottom side. Thanks anyway....
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