Keeping phone number with voicemail only for a reasonable cost.
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I have an old Cell phone from the states ( i just moved to the US Virgin Islands) that I would like to have go to voicemail only (thus keeping the number for if / when I move back to the states and so I dont have to update everyone with my new number (they can just call it, leave a message and I can return the call with my local cell) but I am having a hard time finding a service that accomplishes this. I want to keep my current number (on verizon wireless) but I dont want to pay 40 some bucks a month just for voicemail (thats their cheapest plan) a search online found a few options but they seem expensive... I'd like to pay something like 60 70 80 a year for this... Is that service out there where I can port my number over?
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I did this before leaving the country by switching to T-Mobile's prepay plan, and porting my number from Sprint. Adding $100 to your account will give you a lot of minutes that you won't use, but it'll also keep your number ringing to voicemail for a year. As a bonus, I got an easily unlocked Nokia GSM phone for next to nothing, that I've since used in Mexico and New Zealand with local SIM cards.

After the first $100, you just have to add another $10 every 12 months to keep the account open.

Cingular prepaid has the same $100 for 12 months (though I don't think the second year's is $10), and they've got some coverage in the USVI, so you could even use the minutes.
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Find a friend who also has verizon. Add your number to thier account as a family plan second number. Cost is $10 per month. Call verizon and explain what you want to do, they should be helpful with this. At least, I think this would work for you.
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How about signing up with Skype (SkypeOut service w/voicemail) and then transfering your number when you get back?
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So you moved to the Virgin Islands after all! Congratulations!
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Response by poster: Thanks Hermitosis :)
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