Diffrent strokes for different folks in Boston
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Boston this weekend. Things to do for two different people. Suggestions please!

Following on from an earlier question I posted a few months ago I am looking for suggestions for things to do in Boston this weekend. I have looked at the previous AskMefi threads re: this and have a few ideas. I am wondering if there is anything that is on this weekend that might be worth getting up to (any gigs, shows, clubs, exhibitions, bars that have something on this weekend.) I am going to be there with a colleague who I get on well with but is into different things (he wants to go to Cheers bar, I want to go where the action is). I want to go clubbing, he wants some chowder.

We are intending on hanging out together for the weekend so splitting up isnt really an option.

Suggestions for stuff to do that would satisfy both our ideas of a good time would be great.

Thanks in advance Boston hive!
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For eats, I'd check out the Union Oyster House in Quincy Market. It is the oldest restaurant in the country, and it is a genuine part of Boston's history (unlike Cheers, which is completely lame), but is still authentic enough to not feel touristy. There are also some nice bars in the area -- Houston's is a big celebrity-sighting spot if you're into that kind of thing.
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Of course if you're looking for "clubbing", you'll want to go to Lansdowne St.
Just remember, if you're expecting a late night, Boston has public transportation that stops at about 12:30, and everything is closed by 2.
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I have considered flying to Boston for the sole promise of a pie at Pizzeria Regina and late night cannoli in the North End. You would be remiss to be there already and not partake.
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Fort Point has open studios this weekend.
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Have you thought about seeing a show, such as Blue Man Group? Or, you may enjoy visiting the MIT Museum - yes, it is a museum, but it is quite unique and it may be a somewhat 'touristy' type of thing that you will still enjoy. I know I was happily surprised once I finally made it in there.

If you're willing to drive or take the commuter rail, I believe Salem is already in full Halloween mode.

You might also check out the Craigslist event calendar or HeyLetsGo.
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Okay, for food, you need to get burritos from Anna's Taqueria, there's one in Coolidge Corner, Porter Square and Davis Square. It's cheap, fast, big and incredibly good.

I'd say check the Someday Cafe in Davis too, but sadly this corner stone closed a couple weeks ago.
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Second 10ch. Go to the North End. Eat a pie at Pizzeria Regina. Get a cannoli or two, chocolate chips on the ends, at Mikes or Modern or anywhere you like. There's some of the freedom trail in the North End, so stop by Paul Revere's house if your colleague needs touristy. Then get your pizza and cannoli.
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thanks for that. pizza sounds delicious at that place.
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You may want to check out the Boston Phoenix for loads of listings for this weekend. I noticed Craig Ferguson will be at Comedy Connection Friday night, but then I looked at your profile and you're from Scotland. Maybe traveling from Scotland and seeing someone from Scotland wouldn't be interesting, but you never know.

If you like films, The Harvard Film Archive is a good place to check out. As is the Brattle Theater.

For food, go to Downtown Crossing and eat a chacarero. I also 3rd Reginas for pizza.

If you're looking for music, check out the Middle East or TT the Bears, both in Central Sq, Cambridge and near some good restaurants and bars (and the aforementioned MIT Museum).
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no offense, but eating burritos in Boston is like dining on lobster in Utah. It's a decent option for residents who can't, say, travel to California or Texas, but it is not the city's specialty - besides, if one had to get a burrito, El Pelon > Anna's * infinity.

If you're going to dine in New England, you should take advantage of the regional specialties. Those are -- North Atlantic seafood (lobster, clams, oysters, etc.), seasonal autumn harvests (pumpkins, apples, turkeys, etc.) and beer (Massachusetts, New Hampshire and upstate New York are the eastern nucleus of the American microbrew/artisanal beer movement)

Legal Sea Foods is dependable but their venues lack character. The Union Oyster House is good, as another suggested. If you're interested in a different take on the local ingredients; then dig into the stir-fried lobster at Jumbo Seafood in Chinatown. For a good survey of regional produce, I've always enjoyed Harvest in Cambridge; though that's a bit spendy. For beers, your choices are the Publick House (nee Anam Cara) in Brookline or Bukowski's. Publick House tends to make more of an effort in cultivating one's inner beer geek, and this can either be entertaining or pretentious depending on one's predilection. Bukowski's has more of a dive-bar / indie clientele, but it's selection is rather fabulous.

The local alt-weekly (free paper equivalent to, say, Time Out) is The Boston Phoenix, though it also gets a lot of competition from The Weekly Dig. The Phoenix has more comprehensive listings, but the Dig has a more selective, but more flavorful assortment of hype. Note that the Dig tends to cater a lot towards Allston/Brighton, which is the local under-30 ghetto of university students and aspiring rock musicians; whereas the Phoenix tries to be a little more broad-based (and arguably more shallow).

As an example, the Dig is currently hyping NEST a local concert festival that'll be sweeping through many local bars and pubs. Wide range of acts: some ok, some rather shitty, but chockfull of that local Berklee College of Music alumni flavour. The Phoenix, by contrast, is talking about elections and the new Killers album.

With regards to bar scenes -- I'm partial to The Middlesex Lounge, but my regular nights are Thursdays for Make It New. They have a decent selection of DJs most nights, and the bar food is rather decent. It also makes for decent people watching.
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Absolutely agree with bl1nk. If you must eat a burrito, go to El Pelon. They also have the best tacos I've had in Boston.
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thanks for all suggestions!
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Given that every movie you see about Boston invariably shows someone rowing crew, you could take a walk down by the river and watch the Head of The Charles regatta which takes place this weekend. If that's not your thing, make sure to avoid the river as it will be packed.
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