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A friend of mine and I vividly remember a slightly cheesy, late 80s song that had a chorus along the lines of "Please tell them not to cry for me, it's a personal decision...(insert forgotten words here)...I'm just an old man dying to be free." Is this ringing any bells with anyone? We are both perplexed and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't know what it could be. Would you have heard it in the US, or in Uk or OZ or somewhere else that might narrow down the search? Was it a male singer? Was it a straight pop ballad, or was it country or some other genre?

Here are some results of obvious searches...
Richard Thompson's Old Man Inside a Young Man

The Residents' I'm Just an Old Man, How Could I Understand

A band called Bourgeois Tagg had a song called "Dying to be Free" but I can't find the lyrics online.

Listing of some 80s songs with descriptions of what they're about; also on that site are other 80s resources that might help.
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Response by poster: Ah, it is Bourgeois Tagg! Thank you so much, mystery solved!!
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