How did they get on my buddy list?
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What is MSN Tracker V2.0 and am I at risk of getting hacked?

I've noticed a couple of people have somehow added themselves to my MSN Messenger list. I don't recall approving them; they were just there.

During a conversation with one of them, he tells me that he got my email address off some software called "MsnTracker V2.0", which connects to the MSN servers and (I reckon) gets people there. There may have been a language barrier, but that's basically the gist of what he said. I felt really creeped out and blocked him.

I tried Googling "MSN Tracker" but didn't get anything useful. I've been told that I may be hacked (or will soon be), but I'm not sure. Spybot search only turns up with cookies for CasaleMedia; virus searches are clean.

What is this MSN Tracker business? Is it possible to track people through the MSN servers? How did they get themselves on my MSN Messenger list without me approving them? I don't use MSN that often, but this is scaring me. I've been hacked through ICQ many years ago and that wasn't fun.

any and all help appreciated, thanks!
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You might consider adding the "stumped" tag to this question...
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