International delivery attempts
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I'm in the UK. I've been expecting a package from the states via USPS. They will not be able to get into my building. How/where can I pick it up?

I am pretty sure they are not going to be able to deliver to my flat because it's a gated building, and they can't even leave a note because the flat admin is sort of stupid and they put the mailboxes inside the complex (only Royal Mail has keys).

I've looked up the tracking number and it says they already attempted a delivery yesterday but of course I wasn't home. How can I get my package? I don't want them to send it back and this is a situation that will occur with some frequency in the future.
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Best answer: I've received a few packages in the UK that were sent with USPS, and they've always been delivered by Parcelforce. Since they've not managed to leave you a card, it might be worth trying to get in touch with your local Parcelforce depot and/or trying the tracking number on their website (possibly with GB replacing the last couple of letters in the code - I'm hoping someone more familiar with tracking numbers will be able to clarify this, but I'm sure I remember the code changing when the package enters the country).
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Normally they will leave a card that has the details of the closest sorting office where you go and get your parcel after showing your id.
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Best answer: Terpsichoria - no need to change the number: if you put the US number in it will automatically change to the UK number once it hits customs.

Like_neon - the other posters are correct that you should contact the nearest Parcel Force office and arrange collection or redelivery with them - I find it easier to get them to keep it there and go myself to pay the customs charges and collect in person.
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Response by poster: Yay for AskMe!

And SpacemanRed is correct, you can leave the "US" at the end of the tracking number. Just be sure to tick the "Incoming International package" box on the error page.
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They will probably send the card through the mail to your mailbox, and that will have the info on how to pick it up. If it isn't there today, then check the website and see where the closest office is and try to pick it up there.
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