Halloween costume!
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Any really excellent costume ideas? i have thought of UPS worker, which would open up a range of package jokes, and barnstormer.
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Mark Foley. You just need a suit, a campaign sign altered to add Foley's name (there are plenty of signs to be had this political season) and a shorter, younger male confederate in a cheaper blue suit jacket and khaki pants (yeah, that's not really the uniform, but it'll get the message across.)

For added panache, make a "laptop" out of a pizza box, and stuff a rolled up pair of sock in the "page's" pants.
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For Halloween last year, my friend Kevin covered himself with labels written with random words and called himself "Stream of Conciousness"
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The hole in the ozone layer
The flying spaghetti monster
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All from here.

This place has a bunch of ideas too.
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I dressed as a UPS driver a few years back (was friends with one, he had the uniform). It was lame, even with the package and back-door delivery jokes. The only highlight was running into a Unabomber. Unless you have some sort of funny twist, don't waste you time with the delivery man costume.
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I dressed as a UPS driver once, and while walking around Santa Cruz I had people actually ask me what the hours were for the UPS store and whether they could ship to (locations). No package jokes, but funny in its own way.
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I don't suppose gas prices could be costumially represented could they? Topical. You wanna go topical for maximum effect. Movies. The year's big current events. That's the level below really excellent, but much easier to pull off. Admit it, you're looking for a crowd pleaser. Aim broadly.
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My husband and I are planning on dressing as Red Pants Guy and Blue Pants Guy from Contra.
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I stand by my third suggestion here. (Spoilers inside, if you haven't been paying any attention to pop culture for the last decade or so.)
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check out rob over at cockeyed.com for some good ideas.
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A good pig makeup kit (glue-on nose, ears, and lower mouth) with a tuxedo, white gloves, lace sleeves and cravat. Prompted a variety of fun interactions (including having the garbage trucks honk at me.)
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If you do do the UPS thing, make sure you're familiar with Jim Carrey's bit from the beginning of one of the Ace Ventura movies. You *must* have a really, really, beat up package that sounds completely smashed when you shake it -- and is strong enough for you to kick around all night.
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Snakes on a Plane?
Or, if you're really lazy, "snakes on a plainclothes cop."

You could be a cloudshadow of ninjas.
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Kim Jong Il. That would be fantastic. Awful suit, giant half tint sunglasses, giant pompadour. Would depend on a tiny bit of political awareness in the crowd.

Zinedine Zidane. You can go around headbutting people. Once again, requires a tad bit of world awareness.

That Tour de France guy with syringes hanging out of your arms.

Baseball player with syringes hanging off your asscheeks.


The V for Vendetta guy

Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler
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I want to go as Ash from Army of Darkness. One of my coworkers just got a (knock-off) Nerf shotgun that ejects shells when you open crack it open. Tie up the hand in an old rag, add some hair gel, and you're good to go. Brush up on the taglines, too.

Hail to the king.
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backseatpilot: I want to go as Ash from Army of Darkness.

You're going to need some face putty. You have to do the chin if you want to be Ash. (You can't be Ash if you don't do the chin.)
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The costume I got the best reaction to ever was glam rocker. TIGHT pants, preferably snake print or such, muscle shirt, hair teased to the sky with TONS of hairspray, make-up.
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I once "dressed up" as Apathy. IOW, I dressed as I normally do, but had a "Hi, my name is Apathy" nametag.
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