How to print sideways? Print upside-down?
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I can borrow MS Word, I've got OpenOffice at home. How can lay out paragraphs of text so that I can print upside-down on a page?

I don't know if it was asked earlier, yet I vaugely remember someone saying "don't do upside down, print sideways and have one half aligned vertically down-up, the other vertically up-down." Trying this in MS Word or Openoffice works for one line, but line-wrapping is broken, and a carriage return puts the next line below the first (making it seem as if the sideways line continues.

Another suggestion was to use MS Word 'art' embedded objects, but that would also require doing everything one line at a time. I forsee misjudging sizes, and 12 lines into a paragraph having to delete all the art objects and starting over. Ick.

Broderbund's Print Shop software used to do this for greeting cards when I was in grade school; surely it's a common feature now.
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If you have the equivalent of PowerPoint, it's one of the built-in functions.

Otherwise, create a text box, orient it vertically, enter the text, and if the box isn't big enough, click inside it to show the drag handles and resize the box to fit.
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Er, why not just place the paper in the printer upside-down?
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Because I need right-side-up text on the same page.
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As a dirty workaround, couldn't you just run the page through the printer twice?
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What KRS said about the text box. Then rotate the box.
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While it's easy to do sideways orientation in a text box in Word, I've never figured out how to do upside down text. But I've figured out how to cheat.

I change to a landscape orientation, then I do borderless text boxes. I orient one sideways one way and one sideways the other way. Since it's annoying to type sideways, I type in normal orientation first and only then go sideways.

(To do sideways orientation in a text box, you select the box, then do Format > Text Direction.)

Then when you print, it comes out looking like you did portrait orientation with some text upside down.
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