Looking for health insurance options for a 22 year old, part-timer on his own.
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Are there any cheap health insurance options for a non-student, part-time 22 year old living on his own?

Mefi! Help! I'm generally pretty healthy for most of the year, but right around the change of seasons I tend to get kind of sick. Sometimes it's just a cold, sometimes it's a pretty brutal case of strep. This is usually just a pain in the butt and a trip to the doctor.

However, I recently graduated college and moved out of my parent's house, leaving me with no health coverage. I only work part-time as a 1099 independent contractor (Mostly because the higher-ups don't want to fork out for benefits) and take home about 2000$ a month before taxes (After taxes and rent, I'm looking at around 1000$ a month to live on). I looked into COBRA, but it was running over 500$ a month, which is more than I pay in rent. God forbid I should get really sick (I have a family history of kidney stones), I can barely afford a doctor's appointment.

I lived in NJ when I was under my 'rents coverage, I'm living in NYC now. Are there any low cost options for someone in my situation?
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the freelancer's union

i'm a freelance web dork and i use them. you can get pretty decent health with preventative optical starting in the mid 200's I believe. I pay 330 for their 2nd tier service which include dental, low deductible, blah blah blah.

They do have requirements on who joins so hopefully you'll meet them.
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You should look into Blue Shield in your area, such as Empire Blue. They have individual HMO & PPO programs that run anywhere from $60-150 a month, depending on the deductable. That's where I got my plan through.

You might also want to try www.healthinsurance.org enter in your zip and see what plans are available in your area.

Note: If you enroll now, you won't be covered until the 1st of November. Coverage starts the 1st of the following month.
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Health-Flex 2000

I signed up for this a few months ago after I was off my parents' plan and before I was able to go on the plan at work. I was only on it for one month, so I never got to use it, but it seemed to be a nice $189 safety net. I am in Westchester, ftr (that means 'for the record').
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You could also look into a second part-time job with benefits. Here's a question on such jobs.
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You can also look into Healthy NY. It looks like you just about meet the income qualifications. Prices are about $200-250 with presciption coverage or a little less if you don't take prescription coverage. I used this program to get my insurance, although I'm upstate so the plans are a little different.
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Response by poster: Something about that Health-Flex 2000 freaks me out a little bit. It felt like an informercial and their title was "Helth-Flex".

But! Thanks a bunch, guys. I'll look into all of them and see whats what.
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I go through Blue Cross's ultra-hip, super-trendy Tonik Health Plan for people in their twenties. The rates are extremely low per month--it's more of an "in case of emergency" thing. They're trying so hard to be hip, it's amusing. The plans are called Thrill-Seeker, Part-Time Daredevil, and Calculated Risk-Taker. Seriously. The card resembles the website. I think they underestimate twenty-somethings.
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changeling - I nearly got a health plan through them but the website colors hurt my eyes.

Also GilloD can't get a plan through them, it's just for us West/Left Coasters (CA, NV, CO)
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Response by poster: Maybe I'll just wander into Chinatown and start stuffing herbs down my throat. It appears to be less expensive than all of this madness!
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Try Mega Health Insurance. They started out for the self-employed, but that's in name only. Monthly policies can be pretty low if you accept a high deductible, and there's a lot of flexibility. This worked well for me when I was in a similar position as you are now.
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I am on an HSA. These were opened to the general public a few years ago. Quite a good deal, but they have high deductibles usually. Mine is Golden Rule /United HealthCare. Blue cross just established one. They have a lot of perks, such as tax free savings and medical expensing. It works as a savings account, mostly.
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