How can I make my own monthly calendars?
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I'd like to print blank monthly calendar pages in a 8.5x11 format, but I can't find a good source. Google points me towards calendar vendors, and any web-based calendars I've found (like Yahoo) are predicated on me posting appointments and the like. Should I just create what I need in Word? Any suggestions?
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Rather than Word, how about Excel? It'd be easier to fiddle from month to month after the initial setup wrangling, and the "fit to page" function would be useful for sizing.

Or, if you feel like dropping about $30 there's Calendar Creator which works a treat straight out of the box, presuming that you're on a Windows system.
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You can make a customized calendar here.
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Outlook will do that. Go to the calendar, click on the 31-day view, and print.
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There's also a calendar wizard in Word that will spit out as many months as you want. Then you can fiddle with the customization.
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I always grab the blanks from my local Kinko's when I do that kinda stuff...
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I use

You can print blank ones that work well, with no ads or anything.
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Does the palm desktop software do this?
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Yes, Palm Desktop software will do this.

You didn't mention what platform, msacheson...
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If you have Word, you probably have Outlook, too. Starvingartist is right. Outlook>Calendar>Print.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips, all. I tried Palm Desktop, but it prints with all of my entered events.
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It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but I think that you can share a Yahoo calendar, set it to only share "Public" events), and then just not list any events as "Public." Viewing it from outside of your login (when you set it up, it'll give you the URL), it should show up blank.
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I dunno if I'm too late, but I've made calendars in Quark for my, uh, *slightly* picky father (font MUST BE helvetica! MUST HAVE exactly 0.75 right margin!...)

...anyway, here's the 2004 calendar (PDF). Hope it works for you!
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iCal does this, they look nice and are fit to the page. Since you didn't mention it I'll assume you're on a mac, since I am.
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MS published also does it very well, and you can add art etc...

I use em for my son...
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What rhyax said. I simply hide my calendars in iCal and then print a blank calendar for that month. Or even beter, I enter all my information into iCal and then print the calendar :)
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