Talking disembodied head movie--for kids
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Did you happen to see a kids' movie on TV in the 1970s about a brother and sister who carried a Spanish-speaking disembodied head around in a box?

Yeah, well, so did I. What was it called? It freaked me out and I still remember it a little bit lo these 25+ years later. It really was made for kids! The only other details I can remember are that it may have been broadcast on a Sunday morning, and this would have been in the greater Chicagoland area. And maybe the head didn't speak Spanish, but spoke with a Spanish accent. That's all I got to go on.
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Sounds like the comedy routine of Senor Wences.


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Response by poster: No, it wasn't Wences. It was a disembodied head, not a hand.
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I remember seeing something like that... the kids would ride around with the head in the front basket of their bicycles. There was a cave involved, too, if I'm thinking of the same show. I can't say if it's the exact title, but what floats to mind is "The Boy with Two Heads." It was on public television, on a special kids program that was aired every Sunday.
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Best answer: The program I'm thinking of is also known as Chico the Rainmaker, apparently.
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Response by poster: Good lord! I looked at the French link from Wikipedia, and that's it. Sooooo creepy.
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Creepy? Maybe it was trying to be, but it was laughably bad, IIRC. I remember mercilessly mocking it for days after I had seen it, despite my young age at the time.
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