Reccomend a derm in SF?
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Recommend a good dermatologist in San Francisco?

I'm in the SOMA district.

Bonus points if they accept Blue Shield HMO.
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Kathleen Welsh -- somewhat cosmetically focused but super nice and smart/competent. Sort of a sorority feel to the office, but I like it. Either Tuffanelli (Denny or Lucia, they're a couple, both dermatologists) is highly qualified -- more medical, less cosmetic. I think they're in the medical building, 450 Sutter. I've been to Denny, and he was good.
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Heh. I've been to one dermatologist in SF, and it was Denny Tuffanelli. Definitely good.
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Well, Denny Tuffanelli it is. He's even in my insurance's medical group -- so Claudia wins the bonus points!
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Kathy Fields. She's great.
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Check out Dr. Kathleen Welsh at I highly recommend.
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