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Anyone know a font that has in it the laurels that you see on film festival announcements? ie, The leaves that surround statements like "2003 Palm D'or, Cannes Film Festival" on film posters? Preferably a free font but I've searched through a gazillion dingbat fonts so far with no luck so I'll take any links ya got. Thanks.
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AskMe('ornament fonts');
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Here's some stuff I made a while ago.

Not a font, but some rather large pictures that might help.
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look at all the sites mentioned in the older thread, or search or "ornament fonts free", or if you have fontographer, you can make a font out of cadastral's stuff.
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Dobbs's GIFs linked above are typeset in Georgia or at best Miller, both my Matthew Carter. Resolution is too low to be certain, but Georgia is much more likely given that "these people" are probably typographic nincompoops and only use what's on their computer, and Georgia looks all "classy" to their eyes.
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Typographic nincompoop... guilty as charged.

Don't know exactly what that has to do with anything though... (Does Matthew Carter owe you money, or something?). He's not asking for typeface opinions... he wants laurels.

See also: fuck you
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Response by poster: Thanks folks, 'specially cadestral. Much appreciated.
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Misread the question, fuck you very much. You won't find laurels in a font. You need clip art.
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