Help me learn the name of a TV Show!
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A few years ago (possibly in or around the year 2000), while channel surfing, I remember catching parts of a TV show on Australia's ABC which was set in Australia's federal Parliament House. I don't have a clue what it was called though, and my searching has turned up nothing. I think it might have been a comedy, too. Anyone know what show this is?
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A comedy you say?

It must have been the ABC's Simulcast of Question Time.
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From memory, there's been no actual Australian comedies set in the Australian Parliament... are you sure it wasn't actual footage from Question Time or something similar?
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I can't think of anything that fits your description, but two longshots: Grass Roots - a comedy which fits your timeframe but was about local government politics; or Rats In the Ranks - a documentary (technically not comedy, but might be funny if you didn't know it was real) about the mayoral election for Sydney's Leichhardt Council.
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Are you thinking of "The Games", a comedy series based on the set up and execution of the Sydney olympic games?
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Bruce Spence was in a comedy about Australian politics called Dearest Enemy. It's the wrong timeframe but you could have seen a repeat I suppose.

The AFC database says it was a "Situation comedy about a happily married couple on different sides of the political fence" does that help?
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I second oxford blue and cheaily: Parliament Question Time is a hilarious hour's viewing.
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You might have caught one of Shaun Micallef's sketches where he plays a typical Australian politician.
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Best answer: Was it Corridors of Power, with Jeremy Sims? Best known from his debut in Chances.
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Response by poster: I'm not 100% certain but I think yt has it. Thanks mate!
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Response by poster: Yep, it's definitely it. Best answer goes to yt and this is resolved. Thanks for everyone's help!
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